Roberto Biedma

6 years ago it was when this young yogi woke up and embarked on the path of self-discovery. I had the opportunity to meet a very strong and also very flexible man, who practiced Yoga and had a philosophy of life that I had never met before. He inspired me to deepen this practice, I wanted to master my body and know myself better.

It was at this time in Malaga when I met my beloved Yoga teacher Violet with whom I practiced Ashtanga (a dynamic and disciplined Yoga style). I felt something so special that I could not miss a day in the room. She awoke in me love and self-knowledge. I was questioning my life: why I was in those studies, why I was feeling that I should express my feelings towards others, why I suddenly became interested in philosophy, why I should be locked in a classroom if what I wanted was to enjoy the Sun, practice Yoga, read and meet new people.

That year I left my studies to return to Marbella and meet my Yoga teacher Javier. His wisdom opened the door to meditation, taught me knowledge of very advanced body biomechanics and established a very special bond that I still maintain. My life in the last year was completely flipped on its head, I trained for 2 years in Javier’s school obtaining the International Yoga Alliance (RYT | Registered Yoga Teacher 500Hr) title of expert Yoga teacher.