Adam quite simply believes that yoga has the power to transform people’s lives. As a professional hatha yoga instructor in Estepona he is trying to open peoples eyes to their true potential of mind and body.


Adam started on his yoga path back in 2006, after discovering a yoga workout video he was instantly drawn to the power involved and the enormous sense of well-being he experienced after the exercise. After 10 years of self study and practice Adam completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training at the Tao Centre Escuela de Yoga in Málaga.

Adam believes that yoga should have a place in everyone’s lives and that the discipline involved in learning to control the body leads to control of the breath which in turn leads to control of the mind. In that sense Adam teaches a very progressive style of hatha yoga which can benefit all ranges of abilities from people with limited mobility to even the most demanding athlete.

Group Classes


Adam currently offers 5 group classes each week at the Club Deportivo Ruiz Dojo in Estepona.

The classes are accessible for complete beginners but still offer a challenge to even the most advanced yogis.

Each class involves elements of relaxation, breathing techniques, yoga flow and postures to ensure the students leave each session feeling energised and centred.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday Evenings  19:00 – 20:00

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 09:30 – 10:30


Yoga for Golfers

Would you like to improve your golf swing, reduce your chance of injury and enhance your concentration? Adam has designed a number of yoga routines specifically aimed at golfers to help in all of these areas. Whether you are a pro or a first timer you will start to feel the benefits after the first yoga class.

Swing Improvement

The golf swing is an incredibly dynamic and complex movement that is a balanced blend of stability and mobility. The key to a consistent and powerful golf swing is to have a body with a high level of functional flexibility. Through yoga we can improve all physical aspects of our bodies that will contribute to a more reliable golf swing.

During the yoga classes we constantly are increasing our kinaesthetic awareness of our bodies, this awareness translated to the golf swing will allow those minor adjustments and fluidity required to increase the reliability and efficiency of our swing.

Injury Prevention

There are two aspects of the golf swing that cause our bodies to be susceptible to injury; the first is the dynamic and repetitive nature of the movement and the second is the fact that we only ever swing a golf club in one direction which causes imbalance and bad posture.

Adam has designed his yoga for golfers classes to offer elements that can help reduce the tension on the parts of the body most susceptible to injury and also to address the imbalance that is created by regular golf. Through continued practice of these classes you can prevent niggling injuries, relieve pain of existing injuries and simply spend more time enjoying a round of golf.

Enhanced Concentration

Do you ever find your mind drifting as you make it towards the back nine? Would you like to focus your mind on making that winning birdie putt on the 18th hole? If your answer to these questions is yes then the breathing exercises practiced throughout Adam’s yoga lessons might be just what you need to keep your mental clarity.

Not only is our concentration controlled with our breathing but our moods and physical actions are also heavily influenced by the way we breathe. When we transfer the breathing techniques learnt in the relaxed atmosphere of a yoga class onto the golf course we can massively improve the mental side of our game.

Yoga Escapes

During the last few years Adam and Sonia have opened their doors and created a thriving little bed and breakfast that is the spiritual home of Turnilla Yoga.

BnB Turnilla are happy to offer a fabulous place to stay with the additional benefit of your own personal onsite yoga instructor, for more information or to be nosey and see what previous guests have to say then take a look at their airbnb spaces.

Mountain View

airbnb mv

Estepona, Andalucía, Spain

Huge double or twin room with access to shared bathroom. Plenty of light and space to relax. Just a short 4 minute walk from the old town and beach of Estepona.

Sea View

airbnb sv

Estepona, Andalucía, Spain

Fantastic double room with your own private terrace and shared bathroom. Modern decoration and appliances to ensure you have a fantastic and relaxing stay in Estepona.

Weekend Retreats

airbnb mv

Estepona, Andalucía, Spain

Adam & Sonia offer perfect weekend yoga escapes in the heart of the coastal town of Estepona, Spain. You can be assured that this yoga holiday is perfect for relaxing, rejuvenating, and letting go of your stresses. Enjoy stunning views looking over the sea to Gibraltar and Morocco, and calm your body, heart, and mind with small group classes. Venture on several outdoor adventures, make new friends, and build a trove of memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want any further info or just want to learn some more about turnilla yoga!